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We champion research & development and application of
artificial intelligence and machine learning in sports

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Our Mission

We build innovative, intuitive and impactful solutions to help athletes unlock their full potential in sports.
We bring the best sports analytics and coaching techniques, that traditionally rely on using expensive sensors, software and teams of experts, within the reach everyone.
Anyone from a broadcaster, to sports fans, to an athlete or a scout can use and benefit from our technology.
We extensively work with top Olympian talent and coaches globally to create products that are designed to meet their needs.

Automatic biomechanical analysis

Understand the science behind every action and motion

Automatic highlights

Get right into the action - your plays automatically clipped and tagged for analysis

Performance tracking

Track technical improvements at a glance. Compare technique against peers or your idols


We are a world class team of entrepreneurs, data scientists, sports, AI and business experts

Vishu Singhal

Co-founder Serial entrepreneur, digital business building and AI expert

Ashish Bhardwaj

Co-founder Leading sports analyst, works with Indian Olympics teams

Saurabh Kathuria

Co-founder Learning consultant with 17+ years of Experience

A. R. Rahmani

Co-founder Communication Design Specialist with 16+ years of Experience

Yogesh Goel

Co-founder Global Marketing and Business Alliance Specialist


We firmly believe that exceptional results are delivered by exceptional people working in close knitted teams

Does our mission of unlocking sporting excellence through technology resonate with you?
Do you want to be part of a team that is in early stages of solution development solving complex technological challenges?
Does working with a group of motivated and accomplished peers excite you?
If the answer to any of the above questions is a resounding yes, reach out to us!

We are spearheading the next generation of artificial intelligence led -research and solutions for sports and are looking for exceptional, like-minded people ready to take on the challenge.We are hiring software engineers, mathematics researchers and artificial intelligence researchers to join our team!

Reach out to us on careers@krida.ai

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If you like what we are doing and want to connect, please reach out to us on info@krida.ai